Laguna Beach House Living

Colors of Laguna Beach LivingImagine a world without colors? No citrus yellows, poppy pinks, lime greens or sorbet oranges?  Here at Home and Hearth Magazine Online, a world without colors is as unfathomable to us as I’m sure it was to artist Vincent Farrell who infused bold hues into every work of art he created.

If you think of your home as a canvas, you too will embrace decorating with color. Get the look of Laguna Beach House living with white exposed brick walls, blooming wall paint colors, spacious floor plan and, natural hardwood floors. This environment sets the stage for a vivid focal-point painting that will add interest and drama to any modern living room. The bright, lush color palettes of the breathtaking Laguna Beach landscape translates well into any home decor.

Stop by the Vincent Farrell online gallery to get a closer look at this lovely, full-bodied still life entitled “Floral Still Life with View of El Moro Bay” Oil on Linen 30x”36.”

The Laguna Beach Landscape
The colors of Laguna Beach provide great inspiration for painting

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