Pattern Mixing Decorative Pillows

Decorating with Pillows
Follow these three steps for great pattern mixing

Give Pattern Mixing A Try

There are so many beautiful and decorative pillows in the marketplace that sometimes it is difficult to decide which ones to choose.  Whether you opt for stripes, florals or solids, there is a way to combine all three decorative pillow looks with taste and flair.

Pillow Talk Swap2 Inspiration
Pillow Talk Swap2 Inspiration (Photo credit: Strandz)

Home and Hearth Magazine Online suggests that you use this simple rule of thumb for pattern mixing decorative pillows.  Just make sure to combine pillows that have opposite proportions.  For example, large florals pair well with narrow stripes.  Bold stripes work better with demure florals.  Then, throw in a splash color solid pillow and you’ve created a harmonious pattern mix.

Home and Hearth Wants to See Your Combos

Why not give it a try and let us know how it looks.  Send us your decorative pillow pattern mix combo idea.  Maybe it will be featured in an upcoming  issue of Home and Hearth Magazine Online.

Until next time.

petal sofa
£900 –

red throw pillow
$20 –

Brinkley 18″ Pillows
$25 –

Ribbon Tangerine Pillow
$69 –

Applique Flowers PIllow
$28 –

Sunbrella® Sanibel Stripe Back Pillow
$60 –


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  1. beautiful colors!!!!just my style!

  2. findingourwaynow April 21, 2012 — 1:55 pm

    Ok, Now you’ve done it….Sigh. I have been accused of having a pillow fetish. I love these pillows. I especially love the Sunbrella Sinabel Strip outdoor pillows. Thanks for sharing.

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