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Susan Van Brackle, Editor-in-Chief of Home and Hearth Magazine Online, has designed this blogazine with the idea of presenting its readers with the latest, and most creative home decor trends that can be found in any newsstand publication.  The home decor renderings featured in this blogazine are designed to do the talking and spark creative ideas for decorative experiment in the home.

The chair featured above is absolutely fabulous!  It is exactly the type of eclectic design that Susan Van Brackle intends to showcase in her latest endeavor, Home and Hearth Magazine Online.

Susan gained her professional expertise in the creative home furnishings arena as an Associate Account Manager and Business Analyst for major New York buying offices and the interior design division of Tishman Realty and Construction.

Front view of the American Museum of Natural H...
Front view of the American Museum of Natural History (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She is no stranger to art appreciation having received numerous artistic awards from ivy-league institutions, college coursework and a brief tenure working for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  Susan’s product development background includes experience in decorative lighting, occasional and outdoor furniture,  storage, bedding and towels.  As an entrepreneur and lover of all things beautiful, Susan has always had a penchant for the creative design process.

Definitely let us know if we’re missing the boat and, if we’re doing things well.  Susan Van Brackle welcomes your feedback so please convey what items you’d like to see in upcoming blogazine issues.   Here’s to a long and happy relationship. The best to you from Home and Hearth Magazine.


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  1. Hi – thank you for stopping by my blog – it means a lot to me! your blog is very professional and inspiring – i like to read more 🙂

    -keep in touch! Camilla

  2. Good job!! Kisses from Italy

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