Attic conversions that create space

It is not uncommon for most households to crave access to extra space at some point in time. However, it is entirely possible for homeowners to do attic conversions that transform a spare room into an expansive haven.

Careful planning and thorough investigation of the endless construction possibilities that exist must be considered before embarking upon a conversion project that extends living space.

Options like sub-flooring, sheetrock thickness, insulation, electrical/lighting outlets and whether to raise the roof or not are just a few of the decisions that will contribute to how safe and comfortable the environment will ultimately be.

Moreover, proper attention to the details at the beginning of a renovation project will mitigate corrective construction changes and costly add-ons later.

A licensed plumber and electrician will likely be required to add a bathroom, heating, central air conditioning and outlets while a carpenter can assist with raising the roof to facilitate extra ceiling height.

Based on the creative photos featured here in this “look-book”, it is clear that the design options are totally endless.

Homeowners have the ability to transform a home into the castle of their dreams by adding skylights, vaulted ceilings, a balcony or a window seat along the sill that overlooks their kingdom.


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