Storage and Reorganization Solutions

Most folks would agree that they possess more stuff than they actually have room for. For those that want to minimize unsightly clutter and streamline an organized mess, a storage and reorganization solution may just be the perfect option.

Selecting a storage option generally depends upon factors like space, use, type and placement. For example, some storage solutions are meant to be more utilitarian and come in materials like cardboard boxes, plastic bins or wire baskets.

According to “The New House Book” by Sir Terrence Conran, there are three types of storage and reorganization options:

    • Free-standing furniture which includes bookcases, cupboards, chests and wardrobes.
    • Built-in units which are generally designed to save space and accommodate the style of the room
    • Modular systems which are both adjustable and expandable

Often times the selection of storage type will largely depend upon whether one lives in a cozy apartment with coveted space or a sprawling estate with room to spare. Also consider whether the storage is for a child in which case soft, plush or brightly colored wins out over rigid structures in subdued tones.  Whatever the  storage and reorganization solution, a well-thought-out selection puts the control of clutter back into one’s own possession.


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