The Popularity of Blue in Home Decor

Well it’s official.  According to an article published by Netscape Home & Living, global market research has revealed that blue is the most popular color in the world.  To many this revelation should come as no surprise since blue in all its hues is literally all around us. Whether it is the brightest blue of the northern skies, the icy blue polar caps, turquoise blue of the ocean deep or the blue mountains of Australia, blue finds favor with people far and wide.

Whole societies have heralded the color blue in home decor.  For example, the Dutch have a centuries old tradition of creating blue and white pottery designs in the city of Delft in Zuid Holland(South) Holland.  From these early creations an international brand called Delftware was born.  The key signatures of Delftware are the decorative motifs and pictorial scenes featuring Dutch windmills, scenic landscapes and fishing boats.

The appeal of blue in home decor has lots to do with its compatibility with the aspects of nature and how it looks against many primary, tertiary and secondary colors.  Many ancient cultures practiced chromotherapy or “light therapy” according  Kendra Cherry’s article on Color Psychology.  Blue was thought to soothe illnesses and treat pain.  Blue was also thought to be a peaceful color that has the ability to keep bad energy away.

Blue is said to be a magnificent color for home decor.  In the article Feng Shui Color Blue Tips, blue is most associated with the bright clear sky and healing waters.  Studies have shown that using a gentle blue as a ceiling color in a child’s room helps them perform well.

Blue in the bedroom can even promote sleep while playful blue colors like aqua in a family room can evoke feelings of harmony.

Petrie Sofa

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Hydrangea in Vase with Acrylic Water

“Madan” Ottoman


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