Powerful color schemes: Red, black and white

The combination of red, black and white is widely known as a powerful color scheme.  In Asian culture, red is traditionally used as a symbol of good luck, happiness and joy hence red is often selected for festive occasions like wedding ceremonies and during the New Year’s holiday.

Since red is representative of vigor and fire, decorating with red in the home is equally powerful for drawing positive energy while black and white provide the complementary balance and unity of Yin-Yang (dark – light) in a living space.
The Power of Red, Black and White

Add excitement to an otherwise sterile bathroom environment by decorating around a red focal wall.  The natural light, porcelain white and chrome fixtures minimize the “heat” of the red and the black tub pedestal grounds the look overall.

Invite good food and good friends into this vibrant dining room area.  While the splash wall makes a vibrant statement, elegant touches of red, black and white are intertwined throughout the decor for ultra modern appeal.

In the kitchen, the color red, specifically tomato red, is said to stimulate the appetite according to Better Homes and Gardens. In this photo, the color’s warmth merges well with the industrial white kitchen cabinetry and sophisticated black dining room accents which add controlled pizzazz.

This red lacquer “shabby chic” Horchow accent piece does the heavy lifting by making a fabulous color statement in the room. It provides utilitarian service as a multi-photo picture frame and could easily double as a focal wall mirror.

Even subtle touches of red make a huge impact on this largely black and white home office design scheme.  Decorating with red in the office is said to promote concentration and can even prevent procrastination.
red white and black color scheme

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