Best decorating ideas for home office design

When thinking of the best decorating ideas for home office design, special consideration should be given to furniture selection, comfortable positioning and the room’s overall color scheme.

Home Office Design

According to the Better Homes and Gardens handbook entitled “Color with confidence: your rooms your way”, consider a work space that includes the colors red, brown and cream.  Red focal walls or accent furnishings stimulates creative workflow and deters procrastination while the color brown promotes concentration.   The color combination of brown with creamy white is also said to have the visual effect of an elegant retreat rather than a stressful working environment.

The following design selections range from light and bright to rich and reserved.  Whether converting a simple nook or an expansive west wing, the best decorating ideas for home office design should ideally inspire organization, creativity and functionality.

Space and light are the perfect ingredients to spark workplace creativity.  The floor to ceiling windows, room divider and natural flow-through in this minimalist space both stimulate the senses and relax the mind.

Modern home office design is just as much about storage as it is about style.  The white painted cabinetry and walls, windowed doors, back-lit floating shelves and natural wood floor all create the feeling of space in an otherwise closed-in corner. Lighting, space and layout are effectively used to create a productive work environment.

Love the zebra print chair pillows that make a statement and create incredible style interest in this brown, cream and grey room.  The dark wood flooring, neutral colors and simple layout are chic and understated.  Add to this the wall mirror and reflective glass table top which also lends to the feeling of space in this home office design.

This mini home office design is both cute and functional. It maximizes the use of space and makes for a utilitarian area that would otherwise go unused. Bravo!

Decorating ideas for home office design can range from light and bright to dark and introspective. These wall cabinets are perfect for establishing a place for everything and keeping everything in its’ place. The natural lighting and simple L-shaped layout of this office desk make this a productive and zen-like work space.

This look features one of the best decorating ideas for home office design.  It is warm and inviting yet functional and sophisticated. The wall decor, plants and office furniture really help to tie-in the southwest theme that is obviously the backdrop for this space.



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