Pleasing Color Schemes: Yellow, grey, white and taupe

Popular color schemes that please include yellow, grey white and taupe. Perhaps it is because this palette combines neutral tones and a crisp, contrasting bright with white.
Color Schemes that Please
This popular color scheme is so refreshing to the eye because it adds room dimension. Whether vibrant focal hues are used or softened pastel washes of color, each have the ability to give powerfully diverse room effects.

For example, the nursery room below looks charming and quaint being awash in tints of grey and maize while the elegant entry door makes a bold statement against the gunmetal grey siding.

Gold, Grey, White and Bronze is just another version of Grey, Yellow, White and Taupe except slightly more rich and intense. Add a splash of organic colors in shades of green to create a comfortable and welcoming home decor.

Whatever your preference, the colors white and yellow lift the mood of any decor while shades of grey and taupe keep the color scheme on course.

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