Design Dilemma: Decorating a Bright Entry Room

Who doesn’t love working through a design dilemma? It is the thrill of the hunt to find the perfect colors, furnishings and/or home accessories for your living space.

From time to time, Home and Hearth Magazine Online will undertake a design dilemma and present possible answers to the challenge in the form of a rendering like the one showcased below.
Design Dilemma: Bright Entry Room Before Decor Renovation

Today’s Design Dilemma features a request for help with decorating a bright entry room.  Sometimes when working out a design challenge, the designer may not know how the other rooms in the house look or what  the overall color scheme and design style is.  Based on an initial view of this bright entry room, I’ve presented some ideas that came to mind.
Design Dilemma Bright Entry Room After Decorating
Using the original room layout, I went with a contemporary look and feel.  Additionally, I’ve updated the ceiling fan to match the beautiful red wood flooring and added an area rug.  The room gets such lovely natural light so it doesn’t make sense to hide it behind drapery. My suggestion is rattan shades or natural wood blinds that should let in just the right amount of sun.

Since this is an entry room where family and friends will gather, why not make it comfortable with matching sofas like these from Broyhill and a side chair like this “slipper chair” from Edith Norton? I added just a pop of color with this set of Tracy Glover lamps. I couldn’t resist including the ginger jar set upon a brass and glass stand for some metallic interest in the room. The statement coffee table in dark wood is meant to marry with the floors and ceiling fan.

Tell me what do you think about these decor modifications?  I would love to know how you would have approached design dilemma:  decorating a bright entry room.  Until next time.  Cheers!


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