Fashionable Mirrors Reflect Great Taste

With no less than two Snow White movies currently on the silver screen, needless to say fashionable mirrors are taking center stage.  The world has had a love affair with self reflection that dates back thousands of years.
Fashionable Mirrors Reflect Great Taste
Some of the earliest mirrors can be traced back to 6,000 B.C.  Early mirrors were devised from a black volcanic stone called obsidian.  Obsidian, when polished to a high shine, can cast a person’s reflection but not a clear image.

The first fully reflective clear mirrors were created in China from silver-mercury as early as 500 B.C.

Today’s fashionable mirrors consist of clear plate glass coated with non-toxic silver or aluminum.  Strategically placed mirrors in the home have the ability to create the appearance of space.  Whether beveled, cut-glass, fantastically framed or smoked, fashionable mirrors reflect great taste.


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