Natural Floor Tiles With Style

There is a wide variety of stone floor tile styles

Choosing natural floor tiles with styles in cement, slate, travertine and porcelain are great alternatives to carpet or wood floors.  Stone tiles are easy to clean, eco-friendly and can control dust accumulation in a way that rugs can’t. With so many options in-store it is sometimes difficult to make a selection.

Consider this, mosaic tiles are often used for bathroom flooring or on a kitchen back splash.  Traditional floor tile options are sold by the square foot measuring 12″ x 12.”  Updated floor tile options come in non-traditional sizes like 18″x18″ and rectangular shapes and can cover a greater amount of surface area.

Floor tiles can be placed in a diamond pattern to add interest to a room’s design especially when alternating colors like black and white are used.  Decorative tile borders can also be added to solid color tiles to create unique floor designs.

Cement Floor Tiles Add Style to Any Room Decor

Stone tiles are a cool option in the summer months but be mindful of children that may run across the floor with wet feet to prevent them from slipping.

While natural floor tiles add style to any room, they are extremely breakable and delicate. Owners should avoid dropping items onto stone or cement flooring particularly in the kitchen where pots and pans could fall.  Also, pay attention to cleaning detergents that could damage the ceramic tile’s luster and glaze finish.


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