5 Easy Steps for Creating Grand Floral Arrangements

5 Easy Steps for Creating Grand Floral ArrangementsIn the spirit of the summer season, many home fashion magazines are featuring beautiful garden issues that showcase absolutely fabulous floral arrangements.  There is still enough time left to create a dreamy summer oasis for your home since garden centers currently have plenty of flowers and exotic plants to choose from. Whether you live in a terraced apartment or on a palatial estate, creating grand floral arrangements is very simple to do. All it takes is just five easy steps.

Step 1:

First find a fabulous pot, urn or over-sized accent vase that will be the centerpiece of the grand floral arrangement.

Select an ornate or colorful urn to use as a focal centerpiece

Step 2:

Next, select and add a large statement plant as the starting point for the arrangement. Sprawling twigs, sticks or pussy willows also make attractive starters. If using a potted plant, make sure it can fit comfortably inside of the urn otherwise the plant must be re-potted.

Step 3:

Next, add streaming greenery at the base of the statement plant in the way of hanging plants or vines.  The greenery should hang down along the edge of the urn, vase or pot.

Step 4:

On top of the streaming greenery, place fillers like foliage, moss, baby’s breath or even berries. Be creative. There is nothing that says that all of these fillers can’t be used. Doing so will largely depend on the cost and availability of each item.

Step 5:

Finally, top off the arrangement with brilliantly colored florals and/or other exotic plants.

English: Floral arrangement of petunias in Col...
English: Floral arrangement of petunias in Columbus, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creating grand floral arrangements for the home has never been easier.  Why not try designing one today.



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  1. WOW, that orange pot in the first image is so pretty and I love the eclectic bedroom too. Beautiful ideas, thanks for the inspiration.

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