How to Create an Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Living at its BestWho doesn’t love the idea of getting away for the holiday? But with all the hassle and expense of air travel as a late, a stay-cation may be in order for summer 2012.

If it turns out that taking a distant vacation is out of reach, create an outdoor oasis of serenity and relaxation in your own backyard.

Begin sprucing up the landscape by manicuring the lawn, pruning bushes and whacking those weeds. If your outdoor oasis is actually an urban terrace, include exotic hanging plants, lush green foliage and blossoming flower pots. A water feature and statuary can be easily added to create a zen-like garden environment.

More Ideas for the Urban Oasis or Backyard Retreat

Next, add a coat of much needed paint, or two, on weather worn fences, outdoor furniture and decks. For a change of pace, consider using brightly colored enamel lacquers in primary colors like red, blue, yellow, black or white on outdoor furniture and accessories. Paint provides a renewed lift to most surfaces and makes them more appealing to the eye.

Last year’s outdoor furniture can be quickly and inexpensively updated by using fashionable chair cushions and pillows. Many home centers currently provide stylish selections of outdoor furnishings in amazingly vibrant colors and patterns. . The key to getting the best styles by cushion size is to shop early in the season before all the best looks are sold out.

Create a feast for they eyes with a backyard garden party

The trend towards outdoor living has become so popular that now it is not unusual to find weather-proof floor tiles, carpeting, lighting fixtures and shades that can withstand the elements of the great outdoors. These accessories will round out your outdoor oasis and make a comfortable setting for relaxing, hosting an impromptu backyard barbecue or garden party.

Nambé Petal 11″ Fruit Bowl
$200 –

Garrison Ivory Pillow
$99 –

Large Wicker Picnic Basket
$47 –

Oxford 24″W 6-Shelf Bookcase
$199 –

IKEA Höstö
$15 –

Blom Cerise flower cushion
£50 –


Rawhide Suedette Cushion Plum
25 AUD –

12″ Roseate Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern
$1.20 –

12″ Grass Green Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern
$1.20 –

Shelf Basket- Silk Pothos Vine, Double
$45 –

Delphina Multi-Colour Cushion
£20 –

8″ Peach Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern
$0.90 –

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