5 Great High Tech Home Apps

Mobile apps were created to streamline and simplify many activities that would otherwise require lots of time and energy.  Previously, to engage in creative home design, you could only go to a decorative home store of your choice to experiment with color or shop for desired items.

Realizing how much this method has changed, I scoured the web for some user-friendly interior design apps that are on the market today.  The five that I’ve listed only scratch the surface of great high tech home apps that are currently available.  All of these apps are free so give them a go, and let me know what you think.  I also invite you to share any home furnishings apps that you think are a must-see for the modern lifestyle.

The Home Decorator App
Allows you to test paint colors without the mess

The Home Decorator Mobile App 

Do you want to change the room colors in your home without any of the the mess or commitment?  Then you will love the Home Decorator app by Digital Rising LLC.  The app is featured in the ITunes Store and allows users to view simulated wall colors on pictures of their own rooms or in rooms you wish you had.  Colors can be selected from the cavernous array of shades that are stored on the app or, users can sample a shade from a random photo they own.

Virtual Interior Design App
This app allows you you create virtual room designs

The V.I.D. App by Xorovo

For designing on the go, the V.I.D. (Virtual Interior Design)  is a great high tech  home app for you.  This ITunes app allows for creative expression anywhere you are.  Users can experiment with different home furnishings looks by uploading a room setting that they own or accessing one of the default backgrounds that are stored on the app. Then drag and drop applicable home furnishings into the virtual room setting to create unique design concepts.  Since the app is relatively new, there are a limited amount of home decor options to choose from but it is still fun to experiment with.

Houzz Home Design App
The Houzz App Allows the User to Save Favorite Room Designs

The Houzz Interior Design Ideas App

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the Houzz Interior Design Ideas app by Houzz Inc.  The app is chock-full of high-quality photos, product lines to consider, idea books and tips by professional interior designers.  Users can also bookmark their favorite home ideas and share them socially. The app even educates users by allowing them to select photos according to design style, state or country.  You can find this app on Apple ITunes.

The Fab.com App
Catch the latest home decor offerings on Fab.com

The Fab.com App

Fab.com is your source for daily online sales of eclectic interior home designs and other consumer product categories.  Many of the product lines featured are some that you may not have heard of and some brands that are wildly popular. Create Fab Faves lists by clicking the red heart on items you ideally want to share, revisit or save to your wishlist.  Fab.com is available on both ITunes and Android systems.

The iHandy Level App
Use this tool to ensure that wall hangings and furniture are level

The iHandy Level Free App

Finally, if you can never find a level when you need one, the iHandy Level Free app can be of assistance.  This portable tool is available on ITunes and can be used for leveling furniture and for ensuring that hanging walldecor is positioned just right.

2012_Houzz_blogdediseño (Photo credit: silviarmallafre)

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