Great Chair Designs

Have a Seat

Creating interesting room concepts generally involves the process of selecting great chair designs.

Historically, chairs have been used for everything from a symbol of authority, nobility and status to an expression of art and more commonly, practical use.  From the ornate, tufted thrones of the monarchy to the simplest woven ladder back chairs of the settlers, chair designs all achieve one common objective; that is to provide you with a seat.

The environment friendly paper tube chair by M...
The environment friendly paper tube chair by Manfred Kielnhofer. Enjoy the environment friendly paper chair that is made from your recycled newspapers. The cardboard chairs were made in 2002 and since them have been used in Artpark and for various events. The attached photo is a recent one. The paper chair has retained the same good condition since its production. The armchairs are made from used cardboard tubes. The tubes are made from recycled paper. Ecology tip from Manfred Kielnhofer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are looking for a way to add eclectic interest to your home decor, consider any one of the great chair designs featured here.  Whether your preference is modern or traditional, side chair or arm chair, fabric or leather there’s something for everyone to consider.  Have a seat in any one of these great chair designs.

Two “Empress” Armchairs
$1,139 –

Bloomingdale’s Rigby Chair
$2,515 –

Anson Sofas
$1,999 –

Neely Chair
$1,650 –

Chloe Chair in Chairs | Crate&Barrel
$999 –


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