Room Colors That Grow with Your Child

Great Colors For A Child's Room

Selecting yellow for a child’s bedroom is a perfect choice for creating a cheerful and sunny environment that kids will enjoy.

Primary colors like yellow are energetic and uplifting, just like your children.  Yellow can be muted to a softer shade of chamois or banana creme if you think that bright yellow is too stimulating or glaring on young eyes.  Use the color strategically perhaps on half the wall paired with white or ivory divided by a chair rail to break up the intensity.

Select room colors and decorative accessories that grow with your child rather than committing to an entire color statement or pattern.  Lamps, storage baskets, frames and artwork have the ability to add freshness and newness to a children’s room.

Today’s rendering picks up colors like periwinkle, blues, yellow and greens that are featured in the painting entitled “Lilacs” by Vincent Farrell.


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