Bamboo Towels: An Eco-Friendly Product for the Home

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bath Towels
For some time now, bamboo has been gaining increasing attention as the “go-to” natural fiber in products for the home.

Bamboo fabrics have a soft and luxurious texture while providing eco-friendly benefits in textile manufacturing.  More specifically in bath towels, bamboo is beginning to exceed cotton as the natural fiber of choice.

It is not unusual to find bath  towels selling with a percentage balance of 70% bamboo rayon; 30% organic cotton. That is because not only does bamboo have a silky hand, it has great absorbency.

One of the other benefits of bamboo towels is their natural anti-microbial properties that prohibit the growth of mildew and bacteria.  This feature is especially attractive if you live in a humid climate or if towels are left damp for too long.

towels (Photo credit: AbbeyCF)

Although the texture of bamboo towels is exceptionally silky, they are very sturdy and have the ability to hold up to numerous machine washes and detergent treatments.  What’s more, most manufacturers of bamboo towels have carried the eco-friendly theme of production into the color application by using environmentally derived colorants.

As Earth Day approaches, consider what moderate changes you can make to help out the environment.  Why not go natural with eco-friendly bamboo towels for your home.


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