Decorative Vase Wish List

Adding a glass or ceramic decorative vase brings a touch of interest to any home decor. Water blue aquamarine is an elegant and natural color choice. Featured here is my decorative vase wishlist.  This selection of decorative vases is offered in a variety of prices and styles so that you can either splurge a little or splurge a lot. What decorative vase style is on your wish list? I’d like to know.

Home Color Spotlight: Aquamarine
Add a decorative vase to your home

Kosta Boda ‘Mirage’ Vase
$395 –

Venini Fazzoletti Small Vase
$350 –

Cyan Designs Small Bristol Vase
$148 –

Samara Turquoise Vase
$80 –

Privilege 6612 Ceramic Vase
$44 –

Lila Ceramic Vase
$39 –

SONOMA life + style Blue Vases
$30 –

Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen
$34 –

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