Great Chair Designs

Creating interesting room concepts generally involves the process of selecting great chair designs. Historically, chairs have been used for everything from a symbol of authority, nobility and status to an expression of art and more commonly, practical use.  From the … Continue reading

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The Art of Decorating with Analogous Colors

Decorating with Analogous Colors

Decorating with analogous colors need not be a challenge.  Just keep in mind this rule of thumb.  Colors that sit adjacent to each other on the color wheel are considered to be analogous colors. For the purpose of this rendering, … Continue reading

French Doors Create Calming Green Spaces

Bring a touch of the great outdoors inside when you add patio doors to your home.  French doors create a sense of wide open spaces in the house. Fashion a zen-like, indoor haven with calming views of your own private … Continue reading

Colors that Create Space in the Home

The Art of Creating Space With Paint Color

Did you know that warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges tend to make a room feel more cozy and bring objects closer in?  On the other hand, cooler colors like blues, greens and violets give the eye the perception … Continue reading

Pattern Mixing Decorative Pillows

Give Pattern Mixing A Try There are so many beautiful and decorative pillows in the marketplace that sometimes it is difficult to decide which ones to choose.  Whether you opt for stripes, florals or solids, there is a way to … Continue reading

Glassware for the Well-Dressed Table

A toast to glassware

There are many different styles of glassware for the well-dressed table.  Home and Hearth Magazine online recommends that you have a variety of drinking glasses if possible.  This is because the breakage factor of glassware is extremely high.  Regular dish … Continue reading

Bamboo Towels: An Eco-Friendly Product for the Home

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bath Towels

For some time now, bamboo has been gaining increasing attention as the “go-to” natural fiber in products for the home. Bamboo fabrics have a soft and luxurious texture while providing eco-friendly benefits in textile manufacturing.  More specifically in bath towels, … Continue reading

Dinnerware for Elegant Dining

All you need for a fabulous dinner party is good food, good company, good music and a well dressed table. Why not break out the good dinnerware and be the hostess with the “most-ess.” Your guests will ooh and ahh … Continue reading