Emergency preparedness for the home

The recent devastation caused by the effects of hurricane Sandy along the eastern seaboard has been nothing short of a sobering revelation for many. The takeaways from this catastrophic event are that 1) climate change occurrences are here to stay … Continue reading

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July is national ice cream month

ice cream

Coming fresh off the heels of Independence Day, America has yet another holiday to celebrate.  Whether you know it or not, July is National Ice Cream Month and Sunday, July 15 is none other than National Ice Cream Day. According to the International … Continue reading

Colors that Create Space in the Home

The Art of Creating Space With Paint Color

Did you know that warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges tend to make a room feel more cozy and bring objects closer in?  On the other hand, cooler colors like blues, greens and violets give the eye the perception … Continue reading

Experiment with Rich Bedroom Colors

Purple Hued Bedroom

Create a relaxing environment with rich bedroom colors that are fit for royalty. Splashes of rich bedroom colors in hues of chocolate, eggplant or deep purple add sophistication. For less intensity, why not lighten up deep bedroom colors to shades … Continue reading

Dinnerware for Elegant Dining

All you need for a fabulous dinner party is good food, good company, good music and a well dressed table. Why not break out the good dinnerware and be the hostess with the “most-ess.” Your guests will ooh and ahh … Continue reading

Unique Home Decor Sculpture

Sculptured Pieces for Home

Whether traditional, ethnic or abstract, unique home decor sculpture  has way of adding refined interest to any room. Experiment with unique home decor sculpture by mixing classic Corinthian wall sconces with modern contemporary furniture pieces for an urban, eclectic look … Continue reading

Modern Trompe-L’Oeil Art

Home and hearth mascot

In commemoration of April 1st (also known as April Fool’s Day), I thought it would be appropriate to do a post on modern trompe l’oeil art for the home. Trompe l’oeil design is an artistic technique that has always fascinated … Continue reading

Fun Animal Print Home Decor and Accessories

Animal Print Home Accessories

Have you ever wanted to experiment with high fashion home design without making a major commitment? Then take a walk on the wild side with fun animal home decor and accessories. Combine these novelty patterns and textures with pop color … Continue reading

Lamp Styles for the Modern Home

Modern Lamp Styles

Adding or updating the lamp styles in your home is a quick and cost effective way to instantly spruce up the rooms. Shed some light on the subject. Try updating your decor with these unique lamp styles for the modern … Continue reading

Unique Wall Clocks You’ll Love

Unique Wall Clocks You'll Love

Time keeps on slipping into the future. These unique wall clocks photographed here will allow you to move forward with stylish elegance. What time is it you ask? It is about time for you to pick up a unique wall … Continue reading