Fall 2012 home fashions

Fall Home Fashions 2012
The Fall 2012 seasonal color palette features a bounty of harvest shades.  Spring’s almost neon brights are now transformed into muted tones that are inspired by nature.  Rich shades in cinnamon, amethyst, olive and spice have become neutralized taking on an almost pastel appearance.  The room effect is relaxed sophistication.  But don’t be fooled.  The Fall 2012 color palette has an energy all its’ own.

Benjamin Moore's Fall Color Paltette 2012

Spring’s Brights turn to Fall Harvest Shades

While deeper shades can visually retract and close up a room space, this seasonal color palette falls fresh on the eyes. For a look that is crisp and will expand a room’s  size, be sure to pair any one of these new harvest colors with a shade of white.  White room trim, moldings, cabinetry or accent pieces all fit the bill.

Also, spice up this Fall’s home decor with texture and timeless decorative design motifs. Some classic details that come to mind are those inspired by Greek Key, Quatrafoil and Cane as well as polished and distressed finishes.

The good news is there is no lack of home stores that are featuring items with these graphic patterns and luxurious textures in the newest fall shades.

Even decorative cabinet pulls like those from the luxury artisans at Vigo Industries can transform your room look from mass to class.
Vigo Luxury Cabinet Accents

Wood in all its forms is taking center stage for Fall 2012. Faux bois (aka false wood) is being used as a design motif on literally everything from flooring to paneling, dishware to lamp shades. In accent pieces, wood is being presented in both whimsical shades as well as in highly polished exotic furnishings from the far east.

Whatever your decorative preference, this season’s fall 2012 home fashions will not disappoint.  The palette and furnishings offer design inspiration for every taste.

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